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XpoLog LogViewer helps to address log reading and search with many features. 

Read log data, large log files, syslog, zip/gzip logs, .evt, .evtx formats. 

Parse log files to a unified web interface search and log console. Use the log viewer filters to navigate and visualize events.

SysLog, Network, Security Log Viewer and Analyzer

XpoLog log analysis and log management platform comes with built-in Syslog listener so you can forward log events from any device and linux syslog as well. 

The logging infrastructure parse and index all log events to a universal viewer and allow search and log event correlations between data sources. 

Tracking IP address across log sources and events can help detect problems and security risks.

Log4J, Logstash, Log4Net

C#, Python, Node, JS, Java

Logging infrastructure and libraries help developer and DevOps team to write, read and manage log files and log data. 

In order to simplify log reading and searching we created log collectors and listener to most logging technologies. 

We built analysis reports on known log formats.

Setup log management and log analysis solution across Linux and Microsoft technologies. 

Log event analyzer collect logs from windows servers via WMI file access EVT, EVTX analyze those events with textual log events. 

Analyze windows event logs for errors, user activity, login, logout, changes and more.

Microsoft Windows Event Log Viewer & SysLog Server



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Log management and analysis platform that unlock hidden events from silos of unstructured machine generated logs. Universal log analyzer for windows event logs and linux logs. Cross correlate access log data and web site usage with application logs. 

  • Log Collection - collect and stream log events using standard protocols.
  • Log events viewer, live log tail, syslog viewer for syslog server
  • Analyze any log from multiple sources with reports, dashboards and visual analytics
  • Audit log data can be parsed and consolidated. Analyze user action, changes, login/logouts on IT Apps and systems
  • Logstash log viewer - stream logstash logging to xpolog and view log events in a web interface

Auto- detect: errors, risk, exceptions, pattern, anomalies and trends.

Use Dozens of Out-Of-The-Box Analytic Apps with Pre-Defined Dashboards and Live Reports.

  •  Analyze log files from web server like: Apache, IIS, Nginx. 
  • XpoLog's access log analysis reports profile website statistics according to: geo-data, visitors, performance, errors, URL, size and more. 
  • Our log analyzer can monitor and analyze log sources from: application logs, operating system, network devices and cloud services.
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